Deposit Form

Sample Fundraising Letter

We recommend that you start your fundraising as soon as possible:

Raise a certain dollar amount by 5PM on Thursday, June 1, 2017 and you will be included in our Fundraising Incentive Program!

Your minimum fundraising agreed upon at time of registration must be met online by 5PM on Thursday, June 8 to participate. Otherwise, minimums may be satisfied in person at check-in on Sunday, June 11, 2017. Fundraising will remain open until August 1, 2017 – so we encourage you to raise more if you can!

Be creative in your fundraising and thank your donors:

Write a personal letter (be sure to include a self-addressed envelope with postage); add something to your company newsletter; write a press release; hang pledge sheets at your office; make in-person solicitations; create team t-shirts.

Update your personal fundraising page – explain why you are participating, include a picture, monitor your fundraising goal and see who has made a donation. Also, be sure to share your page on social media!

Write a personal note of thanks to all of your sponsors. This will be particularly helpful in the following year.


Online: The easiest way for donors to support you is through an online gift.  Send them a link to your personal fundraising page

Offline: Do Not Mail Cash! If a sponsor(s) gives you cash, please write a personal check or send a money order to KRide.

Ask sponsors to make their checks payable to KRide or Katelynn’s Ride. Checks made out to you must be endorsed by you and signed over to Katelynn’s Ride.

Matching gifts: Obtain the company’s Matching Gift Form and send it to us with the sponsor’s check. We will process the form and credit your fundraising account for the check and matching amount. Ask all of your sponsors if they have the capability of matching their gift through their employer.


Send collected donations to: KRide Inc., PO Box 755, Springfield MA, 01101

DO NOT HOLD CHECKS!  It is not fair to your sponsors who are waiting for their checks to clear.

Use a KRide Deposit Slip when submitting donations ~ include your name, address, and total amount enclosed.


All online gifts receive an automatic email thank you from KRide.  All sponsors who give $250 or more will receive a formal letter in the mail from KRide. Sponsors names and addresses are obtained from checks, and donation forms for credit cards. If a check or donation form for credit cards does not include an address, you must write it in, or else your sponsor will not receive an acknowledgement. No matter what the size of the donation, we recommend you send a personal thank you to each of your sponsors.

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